Israel’s Foreign Ministry condemns “The dead still have a name”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry recently declared Sweden to be the most anti-Israeli country in Europe.

This was reported in Yedioth ahronoth, one of Israels biggest newspapers. They provided four examples:

1. The Swedish government, which has recognized a Palestinian state and has not condemned any of the recent terrorist attacks against Israel.
2. The Swedish church, “which systematically works against Israel.”
3. SAS, which will no longer be flying to Israel due to political instability.
4. Bo Harringers documentary THE DEAD STILL HAVE A NAME: “An anti-Semitic Swedish film titled The Dead Still Have a Name, produced by a Swedish organization that organizes flotillas to Gaza, which draws comparisons between Israel’s actions and the Holocaust. The movie’s protagonist is a Jewish doctor named Henry, who heads the flotilla organization. The city of Gothenburg has decided to include the film as part of its school curriculum. So far, it has not been broadcast on television, but only screened privately.”

Link to the article at Ynetnews:,7340,L-4713721,00.html

The description of the film is filled with inaccuracies. The story of Henry Ascher is of course not antisemitic, the film is not produced by Ship to Gaza but by Bo Harringer, it does not draw comparisons between Israel’s attacks on Gaza and the Holocaust, Henry Ascher is not the head of Ship to Gaza and the film is not a part of the school curriculum, only a single screening at Hagabion in Gothenburg. The only accurate part is that SVT still haven’t agreed to show the film.