The dead still have a name

In 2010 the Freedom Flotilla attempts to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. In international waters the flotilla is attacked by the Israeli army and 9 people are killed. 9 anonymous people. But the dead still have a name. In 2014 Gaza is attacked by Israel. 2131 Palestinians are killed, among them 513 children. 513 dead children. But the dead children still have names.

The film is about a Jewish person who has made a political journey from the Vietnam war to Gaza. This person is the paediatrician Henry Ascher, who lost his fathers entire family in the Holocaust.

Minnesstund Flicka i säng
Duration 71 min
Script, Director & Photo Bo Harringer
Co-director & Sound Josef Harringer
Editor Rasmus Ohlander sfk & Josef Harringer
Sound editor & Mix Anders Billing Vive fss
Research, Interview & Photo Terje Carlsson
Production assistant Jim Harringer
Music Rasmus Ohlander, Sebastian Sandberg & Iozaeph (Josef Harringer)
Henry med mobil Bombat hus

A production from Filmateljén

with support from Göteborgs Stad

and development aid from Swedish Filminstitute/Cecilia Ledin.

Producer Bo Harringer

© 2015 Filmateljén 89 AB