The greatness of the small man

Affisch-Den-lilla-manniskanFor three years the documentary filmmakers Bo Harringer and Kjell Andersson, who is Roy’s brother, have followed Roy Andersson and the making of his film “Songs from the second floor”.
The film won the jury’s price at Cannes filmfestival 2000 and has, since its premiere, created a lot of attention and debate. In this “behind the scenes” film we take a look at some of the more controversial key-scenes, which in a clear way show Roy Andersson’s critical view of society. But the film also shows his view on art, culture and music. Especially interesting is his cooperation with the former ABBA member Benny Andersson.


Duration 56 min
Directors Kjell Andersson & Bo Harringer
Photo Bo Harringer
Sound Thomas Hallstan, Rasmus Ohlander & Kjell Andersson
Editing Rasmus Ohlander sfk
Production assistant Anna Niklasson
Music Hans Ek & Benny Andersson

A production by KMA Filmproduktion & Filmateljén
in collaboration with Film i Väst
with support from Svenska Filmistitutet/Mats Arehn.

Publisher Åse Kleveland

© 2000 KMA Filmproduktion & Filmateljén 89 AB