“88.Soldiers” is the story about Hammer Hill Click, a bunch of young immigrants living in Hammarkullen – a segregated suburb, with a bad reputation, just outside Göteborg. It´s about hip hop, a global movement where oppressed young people give voice to their frustration. It doesn´t matter what religion you belong to, nor where you come from. Hip hop is ultimate togetherness.

In the fall of 1998, Hammer Hill Click becomes well-known. They get engagements at several hip hop festivals and their first CD is released. Then disaster strikes.

By midnight on All Saints´ Day, a discoteque catches fire and 63 young people lose their lives. Among the victims are two of the members of Hammer Hill Click.

“88.Soldiers” is about togetherness, about hope and hell, joy and sorrow. It´s about rasism and about “88” – a symbol stolen from the Nazis.

There is a 58 minute version as well as a 40 minute version.

Duration 40 min
Director, Photo & Editing Bo Harringer
Assistant director Leif Ryding
Research Ove Sernhede
Sound Josef Harringer, Anna Niklasson & Leif Ryding
Assistant editor Filip Nilsson & Anna Niklasson
On-line & Sound mix Leif Eriksson
Production assistant Anna Niklasson

A production by Filmateljén

in collaboration with Sveriges Television AB and Film i Väst.

Producer Bo Harringer

© 1999 Filmateljén 89 AB