Hate and Reconciliation

In 1998 a few guys in Gothenburg arranged a big party. Four others, who were not allowed inside, decided to get revenge by setting a fire to ruin the party. The fire spread uncontrollably and 63 young people died and over 200 were injured.

Nebil who arranged the party was accused of causing the death of 63 of his friends. He was 15 years old at the time. He lost his way in life, became a criminal and took part in the gang wars in Gothenburg. In 2013 he was shot.

Shirin was 14 when she went to the party with her two sisters. Both sisters died in the fire. Her curiosity about the guilty ones made her seek them out, to find out why they did it.

Danijel survived miraculously. He was in the hospital for six months before he could come back to his life. He still wanted to do everything that his friends did, but he couldn’t.

Nebil, Shirin and Danijel are three of the young people that we get to meet, 15 years after the disaster, in the film Hate and Reconciliation.

The wounds from the disaster are not yet healed. Grieving families, unfinished schooling, unemployment, drugs and gang warfare with shootings in broad daylight. There is still a lot of hate for the guilty ones, but the winds of reconciliation are blowing stronger.

Duration 58 min
Director, Script & Photo Bo Harringer
Co-directors Enver Ramirez, Iman Bayat
Sound Josef Harringer, Jim Harringer
Editing Rasmus Ohlander sfk, Bo Harringer, Josef Harringer
Sound-mix Anders Billing Vive fss
Production assistant Jim Harringer
Music Rasmus Ohlander, Sebastian Sandberg
Iman Bo Enver

A production by

Filmateljén 89 AB

in co-production with

Sveriges Television AB & Film i Väst AB

with support from

Svenska Filminstitutet/Cecilia Lidin


Göteborgs Stad/Kulturnämnden/Levande Historia

Allmänna arvsfonden


Producer Bo Harringer

© 2015 Filmateljén 89 AB, Sveriges Television AB and Film i Väst AB