The wheel of fire

Affisch-Eldshjulet“The wheel of fire” is a mixture of documentary, poetry, magic, theatre and music.
We travel on a long journey, starting in Tokalynga in Sweden, through Poland and France and ending in Yaoundé in Cameroon. It’s a journey with Teater Albatross and their street performance “Holy!” It’s also a journey with the Holocaust. The Nazi genocide during World War II is performed in the streets in many countries.
The film is dedicated to all those who where killed in the nazi concentration camps and to all those, who today are killed in the streets of Palestine and Israel.

eldshjulet-01 eldshjulet-02 eldshjulet-03
Duration 56 min
Director, Photo & Editing Bo Harringer
Sound & Sound mix Josef Harringer
Editing Mia Eriksson
Music Chutzpah
Production assistants Kine Boman, Anna Niklasson, Maria Barud & Karina Figueroa
Featuring Robert Jacobsson & Teater Albatross

A production by Filmateljén
with support from Film i Halland.

Producer Bo Harringer

© 2002 Filmateljén 89 AB