One day I’ll fly again


At an old plantation, in a distant valley, on a small island in the West Indies, lies a man in an iron bed. The bedposts are placed in old tincans filled with kerosene. An old grammophone stands in the corner, with the pickup scratching the innermost groove of a dusty record.

This man, the son of a known pacifist, became a soldier and international armsdealer. Among other things, he helped the swedish democratic goverment to sell weapons to a dictatorship in Latin America.

This man had a dream. The eternal dream about a paradise lost. One day, he found his paradise…

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Listen to the main theme from the film by Ardis:

Duration 58 min
Script Leif Ryding
Director Bo Harringer
Photo Bo Harringer, Folke Johansson
Set design Gunnar Bertilsson
Sound Christian Gyllensten, Richard Löthner, Gustav Söderberg, Hans-Olof Utsi, Torbjörn Rosander & Nils Olof Olsén
Editor & Dubbing editor Bo Harringer & Leif Ryding
Music Ardis, Niklas Tinnborg & Kelly William
Sound mix Lennart Forsén

A production by Filmateljén

in collaboration with SVT/DokumentärDanmarks radio/TV Fakta

with support from Film i VästSvenska Filminstitutet/Bo-Erik Gyberg, Nordisk Film & TV FondFilmpool Nord & NDC/Dominica.

Producer Bo Harringer

© 1997 Filmateljén 89 AB