Affisch-HjordelivAina, Elisabeth and Lisa belong to different generations. Their stories reflect life in Sápmi (Lapland) and the transition from nomadic existence to modern society. The film relates their joy in working with the reindeer. They live with and for their herds. When a court case questions their ancient rights to the reindeers’ pasture their life as reindeer keepers is at risk.

The film illustrates man’s inner driving force and the struggle for existence. It shows the vulnerability of indigenous peoples in modern society and the colonisation process which has led to the present conflict about the right to land and water. Aina, Elisabeth and Lisa raise questions about the essence of life. Their thoughts, dreams and memories show their view of life and its essential values.

Hjordeliv-01 Hjordeliv-02 Hjordeliv-03
Duration 58 min
Director Kine Boman
Photo Hans-Olof Utsi
Editing Rasmus Ohlander sfk
Sound Mix Linda Brännström
Music Nina Sarri Vahlgren
Additional photo John Erling Utsi
Additional sound Christoffer Demby
Post-production Josef Harringer & Per Niila Stålka

A production by Filmateljén

in collaboration with Filmpool Nord/Sirel Peensaar-Miell

with support from Film i HallandNorrbottens läns landstingJokkmokks kommunKUPP/Jokkmokks kommunSametinget, EU:s Strukturfond Mål 1 Norra Norrland

Producer Bo Harringer

© 2008 Filmateljén 89 AB