Patriot for life

Affisch-For-alltid-patriotIn recent years the interest in “Swedish culture” has increased, especially among young working-class people of Swedish descent. A great deal of the patriotism is racist and Nazi. But a part of the patriotic movement claims to be non-politic and non-racist.

NJORD is a viking-rock band. They call themselves patriots and honour Sweden with their songs. BLACK WINGS is a group of young Yankee-car enthusiasts, that sometimes have conflicts with immigrants. MÅNEGARM is a pagan-rock band. They worship the Aesir.

“Patriot for life” depicts the nationalism among youths who do not view themselves as racists, but who are often viewed as such by others.

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Listen to the song För alltid Patriot (Patriot for life) by Njord.

Duration 75 min
Directors Renzo Aneröd & Bo Harringer
Photo Bo Harringer
Sound Josef Harringer
Editing Bo Harringer & Rasmus Ohlander sfk
Sound Mix Anders Billing fsfl
On-Line Josef Harringer
Production assistant Jim Harringer

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with support from Allmänna ArvsfondenLevande historia/Göteborg, ABF and Sensus

Producer Bo Harringer

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