Under the dark sky of the nation

Affisch-Under-en-blagul-himmelWhat does a Skinhead think about Sweden?

What has a Biker got in common with a radical Hiphoper?

What´s the difference between an Anarchic Feminist and a Muslim girl?

Are the Nazi youngsters evil?

Death Metal, Punk, Hiphop, Oi!-music…

Abuse of Narcotics, imprisonment, Bin Ladin, USA, EU riots…

“Under the dark sky of the nation” is a present day account of a split Sweden reflected by those who society consider dangerous.

The film is 98 minutes, but is also available in a 58 minute version.

  • “Under the dark sky of the nation” was invited to Miami International Film Festival and competed in their World Documentary Competition.
  • Winner of the audience’s award “Publikens pris 2004” at Gavle filmfestival. Also nominated for best film at the same festival.
  • Nominated for “Gulddraken” 2004 by Gothenburg Film Festival.

Listen to parts of the soundtrack.

Duration 98 min
Directors Bo Harringer, Renzo Aneröd
Production manager Kine Boman
Photo Bo Harringer
Sound Josef Harringer, Renzo Aneröd & Kine Boman
Editing Bo Harringer, Josef Harringer & Pierre Laurent
Sound mix Anders Billing fsfl
Production assistants Enver Ramirez & Leif Ryding
Music Perkele, McDisneyColaWorld, Supreme Circle & Kloss in Space

A production by Filmateljén
with support from Göteborgs stadAllmäna arvsfondenTBVGöteborgs stift & John Hrons minnesfond.

Producer Bo Harringer

© 2004 Filmateljén 89 AB