Hate and Reconciliation receives Honourable Mention

The documentary film “Hate and Reconciliation” was shown at the ReelHeART film festival in Toronto, Canada 2017. The film was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Editing. The jury awarded the film with an Honourable Mention.

“Hate and Reconciliation” is a documentary about the worst disaster that has happened in Scandinavia in modern times. In 1998, a few young guys arranged a party in Gothenburg, Sweden. Four guys who did not get into the party wanted revenge and built a fire to spoil the party. The fire spread explosively and 63 young people died and more than 200 were injured. 15 years later we meet some of those who survived the fire. “Hate and Reconciliation” is the story about how to survive and how to keep living, when you have lost a sister or a brother or your best friend.